The Comprehensive Guide to Gooseneck Trailers by Diamond C

If you’re in the market for a gooseneck trailer, you’ve likely done your homework and explored various manufacturers. You might have come across names like Big Tex, PJ, MaxxD, Load Trail, Lamar, and others while evaluating how they compare to Diamond C. You might also be curious about our groundbreaking Engineered Beam Technology and its significance in your decision-making process.
You may have watched our YouTube videos showcasing our Fleetneck series of gooseneck trailers in real-world applications, or spent time on our social media pages to get a feel for who we are and our community involvement. Yet, you might still have questions or be on the fence about choosing Diamond C over other options.
In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the standout features of our gooseneck trailers. We’ll explore what sets Diamond C apart and why we believe our trailers offer the best long-term investment and feature set for gooseneck trailer owners.

Engineered Beam Technology

A Game Changer Before we dive into our gooseneck trailer models, let’s talk about Engineered Beam Technology and why it should matter to you. Unlike competitors who use standard I-Beams for their trailer frames, we design and build our custom I-Beams to precisely match each trailer model’s weight classification.

Fleetneck Engineered Beam 2.0

What’s New Our Fleetneck Engineered Beam 2.0 represents an enhancement in design and construction for our FMAX gooseneck trailers. Notable features include;

Loading Options

Tailored to Your Needs Our gooseneck models offer four loading styles to suit your specific requirements

Max Ramps;

Featuring 44″ wide ramps, these are versatile, strong, and spring-loaded for easy lifting.

12' Hydraulic Dovetail;

An industry-leading 12′ hydraulic dovetail with features like easy climb, traction-enhancing BLACKWOOD runners, and wireless remote control.

XDR Ramps;

Ideal for loading concentrated machines like backhoes and excavators, with spring-assisted 24″ x 60″ knee ramps.

Straight Deck;

This configuration includes 3″ channel 96″ Rear Slide-In Ramps for convenient stowage when not in use.

The Range

The Range of Gooseneck Models Diamond C offers a comprehensive lineup of ten premium flatbed gooseneck models, each tailored to specific GVWR requirements, ranging from 15,500 lbs to 40,000 lbs. Our Fleetnecks come with a generous deck width of 102″ and can be built from 20′ to 44′ in length.
Let’s break down the range;

Single Wheel Models (15.5K-24K GVWR)

FMAX207; Single Wheel Tandem Axle Gooseneck

FMAX208; Single Wheel Tandem Axle Gooseneck

FMAX307; Single Wheel Triple Axle Gooseneck

Dual Wheel Models (25K-40K GVWR)

FMAX210: Tandem Axle Dual Wheel Gooseneck

FMAX212: Tandem Axle Dual Wheel Gooseneck

FMAX310: Triple Axle Dual Wheel Gooseneck

FMAX312: Triple Axle Dual Wheel Gooseneck

FMAX216: Tandem Axle Dual Wheel Gooseneck

Notable Model Upgrades

12" Curved Gooseneck:

This one-piece fabricated neck design distributes force evenly, eliminating stress concentration in corners.

40K Package Upgrade:

Available for models FMAX312 and FMAX216, this heavy-duty package includes a 3″ Ball 40K Telescoulpler and frame and neck reinforcements for maximum strength.

HD 215 Tires:

The heavy-duty 215/17.5 wheel and tire upgrade is popular among high-mileage trailer owners, especially in hot shot, oil field, and transport industries.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

A top-tier braking system that’s durable, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance.

Coupler Upgrades and Suspension Options

Shocker Hitch Coupler:

Features an airbag for a smoother, safer ride.

30,000 lb Load Leveler Coupler:

Offers quick and easy height adjustments while loaded.


A 3″ ball 40K adjustable coupler with a unique design allowing for up to 7″ of vertical adjustment.

Air Ride Suspension:

For a smoother ride and extended trailer life.

Hutch Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension:

A durable suspension system available on most dual tandem gooseneck trailers.

Popular Add-Ons

Bolt-on LED Loading Lights:

Illuminate your work area with 2000 Lumen LED lights.

Slide Track:

Provides unlimited tie-down points for the entire deck.

Tie Downs:

Comes standard with a 2″ x 3/8″ Rub Rail that includes Stake Pockets & Pipe Spools, with the option to