Gooseneck Packages Diamond C Trailers Asheboro, NC

Introduction; Discover the Gooseneck Package, a superior hitching solution for your heavy-duty needs. Available on a range of our trailers, this package combines strength, convenience, and innovation. Here’s what you can expect from the Model LPT Heavy Duty Telescopic Dump Trailer with the Gooseneck Package;

Key Features:

Looking for a gooseneck hitch option instead of a traditional bumper pull? Look no further! Our Gooseneck Package is available for most of our popular dump, equipment, tilt, and car hauler models.

Engineered Beam Technology:

The foundation of our Gooseneck Package is our cutting-edge Engineered Beam Technology. We’ve crafted a 12″ Curved Engineered Neck, enhancing strength and durability. This curved design ensures even force distribution throughout the neck, eliminating stress concentration in the corners.

What's Included: Our Gooseneck Package comes complete with the following features;

Featured Models: Explore our Gooseneck Package equipped models:

Available Models:

We offer Gooseneck Package equipped models across various trailer types:

Gooseneck Package Video:

Learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a Gooseneck Package. Watch Jacob explain the advantages in the video below;

Additional Enhancements:

Customize your trailer with these extras for added functionality;