Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC

Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC

If you’re here, you’ve likely done your fair share of research on equipment trailers and tilt trailers. You may have compared various manufacturers, such as Big Tex, PJ, MaxxD, Load Trail, Lamar, and many others, against Diamond C. Perhaps you’ve watched our YouTube videos and explored our social media pages to see how our trailers perform in real-world situations. But maybe you still have questions, doubts, or are on the fence about choosing Diamond C over other options. In this guide, we’ll delve into the standout features of our equipment trailers and why we believe Diamond C offers the best investment for equipment trailer owners.

We offer a diverse range of six premium equipment trailers, categorized into two primary styles;

Our equipment trailers cover a GVWR range from 7,000 lbs up to 24,000 lbs, catering to various hauling needs.
Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC

Diamond C LPX Equipment Trailer

Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC

Model HDT Tilt Equipment Trailer

Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC

Diamond C DSA Tilt Equipment Trailer

Our flagship models are the LPX and HDT. LPX uses traditional dove and ramp loading, while HDT is a tilt trailer. Both feature cutting-edge design, Engineered Beam Technology, Gooseneck Package upgrades, and a range of brake, suspension, storage, and tie-down options. The smaller DSA is ideal for hauling compact equipment.
Standout Features & Upgrades
Engineered Beam Technology:
Our LPX and HDT models incorporate Engineered Beam Technology, offering stronger, taller, and lighter beams for better strength-to-weight ratios.
GVWR Upgrade Choices:
Depending on your capacity needs, models LPX and HDT provide several GVWR upgrade options to handle heavier loads.
Gooseneck Package Upgrades:
Our Gooseneck Package includes a 1-piece smooth engineered neck design that distributes force throughout the neck, dual jacks, a diamond plate storage box, and a BX-1 coupler. Add a Shocker Hitch Coupler for a smoother ride.
Tire/Wheel Upgrades:
Consider the 17.5″ heavy-duty tire upgrade for superior performance. Premium VALCRUM HUBCAPS are standard on all 215 tires with 8K and up axles.
Disc Brakes:
Upgrade to electric-over-hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power and cost-effective maintenance.
Heavy Duty Fenders:
Our equipment trailers come standard with 14 ga diamond plate fenders. For extra durability, we offer super heavy-duty 3/16″ diamond plate fenders.
Max-Width Frame Extensions:
LPX offers Diamond Plate Frame Extensions to maximize the trailer’s width, perfect for wide loads and material storage.
HD V-Tongue Storage Lid/Box:
Our intelligently crafted storage option doubles as bonus deck space and is now a standard feature on LPX and HDT models.
Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC
Diamond C GDD Deck Over Equipment Trailer
Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC
Diamond C DEC Deck-Over Equipment Trailer
Diamond C Equipment and Tilt Trailer Guide Asheboro NC
Diamond C DET Deck-Over Tilt Equipment Trailer
Our deck over trailers, ranging from lighter-duty GDD to the more versatile DEC and DET models, provide ample flexibility for construction and heavy hauling needs. You can opt for bumper pull or gooseneck configurations.
Standout Features & Upgrades
GVWR Upgrades:
Similar to our other heavy-duty trailers, deck over models DEC and DET offer GVWR upgrade options to handle heavier loads
Gooseneck Packages:
DEC and DET offer Gooseneck Package upgrades with 12″ x 14 lb I-Beam Structural Necks.
Storage Upgrades:
DEC and DET offer HD V-Tongue Lid and optional underslung storage boxes under the bed.
Winch Box Packages:
Consider the Warrior Winch Box for loading downed equipment. It includes a lockable 12K winch, a battery, and a 5-amp plug-in charger.
Slide Track & Ratchets:
The slide track and ratchet option provides numerous tie-down points along the deck’s length.
Flooring Upgrades:
While our trailers typically feature 2″ pressure-treated pine flooring, we offer flooring upgrades, including oak flooring, 3/16″ diamond plate flooring, and Blackwood Lumber, a rubber-infused, pressure-treated pine option for enhanced traction and durability.
Superior Powder Coating System
At Diamond C, we prioritize the quality of our trailer coatings. Our custom Difference Maker Powder Coating System is an exceptional finish that is both durable and visually appealing. We employ a meticulous 6-step process in partnership with Sherwin Williams to ensure your trailer has an extraordinary finish.
How to Purchase Your Diamond C Dump Trailer

All our trailer sales are handled by our authorized Diamond C dealer network, which includes nearly 200 dealers across North America. This ensures that you have local access to trailer specialists for purchasing and addressing any warranty issues. To purchase a Diamond C equipment trailer:

Configure Your Own Trailer: Use our website to configure your trailer and submit it to your nearest dealer for a final quote and availability
Find a Dealer: Explore our Find a Dealer map to locate your nearest authorized Diamond C dealer and inquire about their stock directly.
Local Inventory: Use our inventory marketplace partner, Equipment Trader, to find local inventory near you. (Please note that not all dealers list their inventory on this marketplace site.)

We are dedicated to producing extraordinary trailers and providing exceptional service. Our core values of DoWork and LoveStrong are reflected throughout our plant, driving us to fuel the growth and success of our team members, customers, and community. Our niche is extraordinary trailers and service to match.