How to Choose Your Diamond C Step Deck Trailer – North Carolina 

Looking for a Diamond C Step Deck Trailer? Groundworks Landscape Supply and Trailer Sales is an authorized Diamond C serving in Asheboro North Carolina, carrying a wide range of new and used Step Deck Trailers.

We offer a robust lineup of PREMIUM TRAILERS  – ranging from Car Haulers and Dump Trailers to heavy-duty equipment, Tilt, Flatbed Gooseneck, and Step Deck models. We also offer custom build-your-own trailer options as well. 

Below we have broken down the top FAQs, resources, and information to help you choose the best option for your next Step Deck Trailer. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have! We are here to help you. 

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Step Deck Trailer FAQs:

What is the main function of a Step Deck Trailer?

The main function of a Step Deck Trailer is to make the transportation of taller cargo loads possible by using a step down from one level to a lower level. When deciding which kind of truck you need to transport, the height of your load is a determining factor.

Can I finance my Step Deck Trailer? 

For your convenience, we also offer financing on all of our products. Click here To get started: 

Is a Step Deck Trailer better than a Flatbed?

Yes! Step Deck Trailers are fit for the transportation of higher cargo loads, without having to apply for any additional permits. 

There are multiple variations of Step Deck Trailers to suit your needs. Click here to see Diamond C Step Deck Trailers: Step Deck Trailer 

How can I load my Step Deck Trailer?

Diamond C offers 4 different ways to load your Step Deck Trailer. 

  • Max Ramps provide a flat, unobstructed loading surface. This allows you to use the full length of the trailer bed haul and provide a safe and stable full-width loading experience.
  • 12’ Hydraulic dovetail has a 12.5-degree angle that makes it easy to load and offload your equipment. It has an automatic latch for easy effortless operation.
  • XDR ramps have a heavy-duty support knee for additional durability.

Note: XDR ramps include an innovative over-center latch hold-down system to hold the ramps securely in place during transportation to eliminate vibration and noise.

  • Straight Deck configuration includes 3″ channel 96″ Rear Slide-In Ramps that can be conveniently stowed away when they are not in use. It comes with a single-piece bumper with light protection.

Can I customize my Step Deck Trailer?

Great question! You CAN customize your Step Deck Trailer with Diamond C. 

You can customize and build your Step Deck Equipment Trailer to your liking with the Diamond C interactive build-your-own trailer configurator, then you will be prompted to submit your trailer build to your nearest Diamond C dealer. 

Click Here to Customize Your ideal Step Deck Trailer: 


What is the best step deck trailer from Diamond C?

What Are The Different Components In A Step Deck Trailer?

  • The Step Deck
  • The Neck
  • The Steps
  • The Camber
  • The Lace-rail
  • The I-Beams

Type of Diamond C Equipment Trailers 


Model: SDX212

GVWR: 25,900 lb

Link: Model SDX212: Step Deck Trailer 



Model: SDX310

GVWR: 30,000 lb

Link: Model SDX310: Step Deck Trailer 



Model: SDX312

GVWR:  30,000 – 40,000 lb

Link: Model SDX312: Step Deck Trailer 



Model: Model: SDX216

GVWR: 30,000 – 40,000 lb

Link: Model SDX216: Step Deck Trailer 


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